Narcisa Vucina

Author, journalist, lecturer and performer

Vucina våbenskjold

Vucina's crest

Sådan er det - Attika gennem 30 år

©  2001 The contributors and

Forlaget Attika

ISBN 87-7528-425-1

Three of my poems are represented in the anthology “It's like That”, published by Attika publishing house in 2001.

Here is one of them

When this moment takes off its clothes, it is

just a moment,

which we wash, straighten, polish.

When we disappear from that moment there is

an it back, cruel, alone, deprived of all rights,

then we become the truth itself, everywhere.

If we go around the geometry's goal,

the oceans are a black mass and a white field,

at the same time.

In hope's symmetry.