Narcisa Vucina

Author, journalist, lecturer and performer

Vucina våbenskjold

Vucina's crest

Two poems from my first book of poetry “My Shoulders are bare without your Hands”, in Danish “Mine skuldre er nøgne uden dine hænder”, Attika 1990.


I borrowed your soul

but you'll get it back

tomorrow, at nine

when the fire in me

strangles your arms around my waist



as a painting

is watching over us

when we have forgotten

to love


remembers us

when we were greedy, passionate

Time is crying with us in the dark

and laughs at our lies

Time has seen us completely naked

Time will sleep with us anyway

Mine skuldre er nøgne uden dine hænder

©  1990

Publisher Attika

ISBN 87-7528-174-0