Narcisa Vucina

Author, journalist, lecturer and performer

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“My Father said It brings Happiness” is my second book of poetry published by “Tiderne Skifter”, 2003.

Here are two poems from the book:


without a language, naked, my beloved, without politics, my only one, while the gypsy chorus are pressing on the most beautiful keys in our Chagall's souls, after so many journeys through the unknown, hold my hand when we fly together to our station, after we have satisfied the Antarctic currents, the nerves' longings, the earthquakes' paradoxes, celestial spheres' temples, touch my conscience until the destruction disappears, until we land, until the moment ends, my love.

Min far sagde det bringer lykke

©  2003 Narcisa Vucina

Tiderne Skifter

ISBN 87-7973-056-6


it is

God's punishment

when you have not kidnapped me long ago

when you have not detained me in your dreamcatcher hanging

over your bed

when you have not laid my head and my neck on

your pillow

the one you sleep on every evening, every single night

you must be joking when you haven't yet seen a small

birthmark on my navel

who do you think you are

I have tried to analyze it

but I haven't found an answer

it must be God's punishment

it must be fate, or an error in our computer

it's probably my imagination

since you are so near

I can smell your aftershave. I am actually crazy about it