Narcisa Vucina

Author, journalist, lecturer and performer

Vucina våbenskjold

Vucina's crest


As a picture on the wall

you are hanging on my spirit.

Sometimes, I think,

you hang a little askew

and I correct you,

but then your colour

hits me

and I fall into place.

Are you telling me

that you want to go home

when it's dark?

I collect your whiteness

and rock you  

on my lap.

Sleep in peace

and remember to come home again.


©  The authors and Rosinante/Munksgaard


ISBN 87-16-14675-1

My poems are represented in the Danish anthology “Svingfigur; Kvindelige digtere 1980-90, “A turning Figure; Women poets 1980-90”, Rosinante 1991. Here is one of my poems in this anthology: