Narcisa Vucina

Author, journalist, lecturer and performer

Vucina våbenskjold

Vucina's crest


Hvedekorn © 1986 nr. 2


In the middle of a nucleus

I have found your power:

it is now affecting solidarity

in my energy mass.

I can feel

the airwaves have already started

to decide over the others.

The match whistle has long

manifested itself.

Now it swells of feeling's particles,

the air is pushing everything with its lightness.

I must drink some water

to clarify the situation.

If your power has good intentions

then you may spread your blessing -

I am ready for the eruption.

The recognized Danish literature magazine ”Hvedekorn” published five of my poems in 1986 - Nr. 2 / 86.

Here are three of them:


Forgive me because I borrowed your soul.

I promise not to do it any harm.

Its aura has simply intoxicated

My Higher Self

so It is trying to reach for your wholeness.

When the high times are over

when the abstinence is finished with the program

I will give you your soul back.

Then the fire in me will maybe

grab your physique

and order a flaming dance in your senses.

Play with me

your humanity will get its will

you will be satisfied with my honest music.


Do not take a shower today,

I will smell you without chemical interference,

I will talk to your skin and internal organs.

You better turn down the dynamics

and shine with your ruby colour.

I will lay your soul's blanket over my shadow,

I will soar with you some place in the world space.

Our lips will swim in a glowing volcano,

our strength will cause an earthquake

we will reveal the animals' consciousness.


when we get tired

we can just make use of

my bed.