Narcisa Vucina

Author, journalist, lecturer and performer

Vucina våbenskjold

Vucina's crest


©  Dansk Forfatterforening and the contributors 2003

ISBN 92-893-0904-0

”The New Nordic Landscapes”, in Danish ”Nye Nordiske Landskaber” is the name of an anthology published by Danish Writers Association in 2003. In this anthology you can find eight of my poems. Here is one of them:

My chiffon scarf

while I'm waiting your song is disappearing

while I'm waiting people are gliding in front of my sunglasses

ten thousands unknown veins are beating seconds to death

while I'm waiting two centimeters of Langeland's feet have surrendered themselves to the sea's pregnancies

to hot dishes in the underground empire

and no man has thrown a thought into the sea.

while we are painting our dreams

and yearning for spring's first sign

there is a tram somewhere in Prague, Lisbon or Sarajevo

a tram that is driving around our attention

our future pleasures and scratches in the coming relationship

around the moon menstruations.

while I'm waiting for a course in personal development and self-confidence

you have reached life's ninth stage,

while I'm taking my shirt off and showing my new petticoat

to my boyfriend, my husband

you are writing a farewell letter

to your girlfriend, your wife,

while I'm sleeping, you're weighing your impatience

while you're playing with bubbles in your new tub

            you finally catch my code

you feel my lacquered nails, my chiffon scarf,  you sense my presence and my immortality.

while I'm sending you a contract on our symbiosis


are on the way to the same train, same compartment, same seat, the same gesture as