Narcisa Vucina

Author, journalist, lecturer and performer

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“THREE SUNS are not too much – Danish Poets in Italy”, in Danish “TRE SOLE er ikke for meget  - danske digtere i Italien” is the title of an anthology published in 2011 by Mellemgaard, where one of my poems is represented. Here it is:

Before a rape

no one could say his name

but he stood in front of the town hall in Florence

flooded by water and light

he stood completely naked and big

His phallus was too small for his large body

(but still delicious)

was he a copy or an original work

of one of the city's great men

was he alive

oh yes, his cock aroused interest

it was just before I jumped up and raped the hero

in the middle of the town square

was it a real man

or was it the great men's joke

to make women faint

Tre sole er ikke for meget

Søren Sørensen og Forlaget Mellemgaard

© 2009

ISBN 978-87-92801-10-4